Joel Phipps (Our Founder) is a real estate investor and music mogul. He is also an author, speaker, recording artist, and all round entrepreneur. 

He is the owner of Real Focus Properties LLC, which is a successful real estate investment firm based in Lake Mary, Fl, USA.

As an active member of several business networks across the globe, he would often come across potential students and partners, looking for guidance on how to get started in real estate. Out of this recognized need, the Flip House Academy was born. 

Joel Phipps

The mission of the Flip House Academy is to provide our network with the tools they need to build successful real estate investment businesses.

Whether you are looking for guidance on what area of the business you should focus on, or how to scale up to the next level, Flip House Academy has got you covered.

The real estate game is a vast region that has many components and we have found that this business is not a "one size fits all".  Based on your personal goals we can help you determine what area you may want to focus on so you don't get analysis paralysis.

We're determined to arm you with core basic skills that will help you to be the best you can be in this business.

Here's to your success on your journey to closing deals and getting consistent fat checks.

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